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postnatal faqMums and Bubs Yoga Frequently asked questions

How soon after the birth can I attend?

If you have had a vaginal birth you can start after your six week check up. If you have had a Caesarean then it is better to wait until 10-12 weeks or follow the advice of your doctor.

Is my baby involved in the class?

Yes, baby songs and yoga are included during the class, however the yoga is mainly focused on you.

What if my baby cries, needs feeding or his nappy changing during the session?

No problem! The class is very relaxed and mothers do whatever they need to do for their babies throughout the class.  The only time we ask mums to carry their babies and to possibly walk them outside the class is if they are really upset during the 10 – 15 minute relaxation at the end of the class.  Just so that other mums can get a rest.

What do I need to bring?

If you prefer to use your own yoga mat bring one, if not there are spares.  Bring anything you need for your baby. Once term starts we take turns to bring a small plate to share for the chat time.

What if  miss a class?

You are welcome to make up a missed class in any of the other Mums and Bubs classes as long as there is space

Can I attend casually and just pay each time I come?

Not usually – the class size is kept quite small due to space and noise levels and the classes are usually fully booked by the start of term so we are not able to allow casual visits unless there is space.  It is also because the nature of the classes is about forming a group where each woman feels comfortable and gets to know others well so occasional visits don’t usually work

Finances are a bit tight with only one income, are there any concessions?

Please email Julia if you are unable to pay the full cost and we will work something out that enables you to attend