Yoga and Active Birthing Skills

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Would you like your partner to be skilled in supporting you during labour and confident that he or she could make a difference?

This workshop gives partners effective tools to help you manage the intensity of labour and to understand the basics of what we cover in prenatal yoga classes for birth preparation. (Please note you are welcome to attend the workshop even if you are not enrolled in our prenatal yoga classes)

Vedanta Nicholson and Julia Willoughby have been teaching prenatal yoga for many years and are passionate about helping women and their partners to know that good preparation can make a huge difference to how the birth unfolds.


“Hi Julia and Vedanta. Thank you for holding the birth workshop on Sunday.  It was the most practical and inspiring workshop I have attended.  I loved how you taught the partners how to really feel part of the process and support us.  I also loved that the techniques taught were so simple and easy to do.  Although my partner started to snore in meditation a couple of times and I had to desperately hold in my laughing, he really enjoyed the workshop and said that he wishes I could have brought him to something like this for our first birth.  We both feel really ready and excited to practice our skills on the big day and I think having all these wonderful tools to use has taken my mind of any anxieties I initially had.  Thank you so much” Becky and Ed

During the day your partner will learn :

  • The importance of creating a calm, supportive and loving atmosphere for labour
  • How to encourage birth hormones to flow and keep you out of stress
  • Effective and powerful pain relief with acupressure and massage
  • Ways to physically support you and remind you of the importance of using a variety of Active Birth positions
  • What makes labour pain worse and what makes it better
  • About the important role a partner has in being an advocate and knowing your birth preferences (Birth Plan)
  • Other natural pain relief techniques, such as movement, use of warmth and cold, rebozos (Mexican scarf technique) and much more!
  • Breathing, mindfulness and relaxation skills to help you both to  cope with labour and new parenting
  • How to be the best birth support ever!


Full day workshops: $170

Sunday 19th November 2017 9am – 4.30pm

Dates for 2018

March 4th 9 – 4.30

May 20th 9- 4.30

July 15th 9-4.30

September 23rd 9 – 4.30

November 25th 9 – 4.30

All full day workshops  take place at Mary McKillop House & Conference Centre, 50  Archibald St, Lyneham.  

What to bring: 2 pillows, a non stretchy scarf, lunch, birth ball if you have one (not essential)

Enrolment:              Please book your place by emailing Julia – or call 0414 797 533                                      

 “The  Birth workshop taught us different techniques of massage & relaxation exercises that my partner & I could use during each stage of labour. Knowing these techniques gave me the confidence & knowledge to stay calm during labour and helped me to provide a relaxing and natural birthing environment for my partner.” Marcus

“Matt and I wanted thank yourself and Vedanta for everything we learnt in last weeks workshop. For me, it was great to learn, test out, and understand different techniques that will help me relax and stay calm. I am also reassured that Matt will be a great support during labour and we both feel confident to labour at home for longer before heading to the hospital.” Clare

“Although I feel more knowledgeable about what I can do to support Clare during labour, I now also understand that there will times that all I need to do is be there. I was worried about being a bit useless but you have given me the understanding that my positivity and strength will be a big support on their own. The tips about our birthing plan were greatly appreciated and the practicalities of what we might take to the hospital have got us thinking.”  Matt

I just wanted to tell you that the strategies we learned that day, allowed me to give birth using only gas for the last couple of hours. I was in early labour for a day and a half before I finally hit the real thing. After that point it was roughly 1cm dilation per hour. I’m proud to say that I only had meltdowns due to sleep deprivation and when active labour really got going, I was SO focused. Thanks to my amazing husband!! Anyway, I just wanted to share and say thank you! We referred to the positions suggested by you both, many times. And massage was my saviour! Thanks again and keep up the good work. Bianca”