New Prenatal Yoga Classes starting next week

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Would you like to feel more confident and knowledgeable about giving birth?  Come along to Prenatal Yoga at 4 different venues in Canberra and learn fantastic ways to stay healthy in pregnancy as well as manage labour well.  Classes include a unique combination of Childbirth Education (based on Active Birth and latest research) as well as safe yoga postures for pregnancy and birth preparation.  Hope to see you there and to support you through this special time!  Julia at Yoga For Birth and Beyond


Become a birth warrior not worrier – 10 ways yoga will help you in labour

Have you thought about doing prenatal yoga?  These classes will increase your confidence for labour and birth by giving you great skills to use which really work!  You’ll also de-stress, sleep better and meet some other lovely pregnant women! NEW CLASSES BEGIN IN CANBERRA ON 10TH OCTOBER Yoga teaches you to breathe well!  Did you know… Continue Reading

Birthing well with yoga: 10 important skills to practise

Birthing well with yoga: 10 important skills to practise

  Do you feel confident about coping with the intensity of labour?  Are you prepared to take 100% responsibility for your birth preparation?  Whilst you can’t control how labour will unfold you can control your skill set and develop a variety of resources that you can use regardless of what is going on around you.… Continue Reading

A prenatal yoga Mum’s birth story

Just wanted to let you know that I had my baby boy and also wanted to express my deep gratitude for your work as a prenatal yoga teacher and birth educator. I really believe that coming to your yoga classes guided me in how I approached labour mentally and prepared physically and resulted in a quick… Continue Reading

Stand up for birth – using Active Birth and Yoga in labour

Stand up for birth – using Active Birth and Yoga in labour

The majority of women nowadays are familiar with the term “Active Birth” – what does it mean though?  Does it mean you have to be on the move during the whole of labour? Not necessarily! Research has shown that, when no complications exist, women should be encouraged to be in upright positions during labour, be free… Continue Reading

Baby Massage

HELP SOOTHE YOUR BABY TO SLEEP: LEARN BABY MASSAGE Next course begins Monday 29th May  in Weston – 3 x 1 hour sessions Many cultures including India, massage their babies daily (if not twice daily!) as part of normal life and see it as a way to enhance sleep, settling, bonding and easing digestion.  Daily… Continue Reading