About Julia

1julia_010I admit it – I’m a birth nerd!

From my first experience massaging a single mum in my massage training class in 1989 in San Diego I was hooked! What a privilege it was to share this special time with her and help her manage the many physical, mental and emotional changes she went through. I  came to appreciate, too, that support from other women can bring out a woman’s inner strength and resilience during challenging times (a support I was later lucky enough to receive myself)

I went on to train as a yoga teacher, then a Childbirth Educator and combine both as a pre and post natal yoga teacher which I’ve been doing enthusiastically since 1999.  My passion remains because I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of women become more pro-active in preparing for birth and reaping the benefits of a more positive experience for both them, their partners and their beautiful babies.

I’ve attended many births and remember vividly the first time I was called out.  It was in the middle of a cold Canberra winter night (if you’ve been here you know what that’s like) 2 weeks early.  “But I don’t have my bag packed” I worried!  I grabbed some essential oils and left and arrived to a weeping woman in the bath who cried more as I rolled up my trousers and straddled the bath to massage and soothe her.

After an incredible labour she birthed standing up in the bath and I watched in amazement as the baby’s blue head hung between her legs.  I cried, we all cried and so my life’s purpose became solidified.  I would work in the field of pregnancy and birth for ever and learn as much as I possibly could!!

Everything that I study now is to deepen my knowledge about birth so I can share more with the women in my classes (who also teach me so much!).  I’ve seen wonderful transformations in pregnant women who were going to just “see how it goes” to women who prepare themselves deeply on all levels and feel more empowered and confident during their labours and births.

Through my own challenges with cancer I learnt the importance of staying just with what is happening at this present moment, of cherishing each moment and not wishing life away. The mindfulness I had learnt years before proved to be my saving grace.  I  became very  grateful for this special life I had and to deeply appreciate the loving support that helped get me through that time.

My own experiences have deepened my appreciation of the power of mindfulness and it has proved to be a fantastic  tool for managing labour, birth and life with a new baby and has therefore become an integral part of all my classes.

I love walking in nature, dancing, singing and hanging out with my wonderful family – husband and two daughters as well as my special group of women friends.  I don’t take life too seriously these days and feel very blessed to have met so many incredible pregnant women and new mums who have enriched my life.








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Qualifications:  B.Ed (Hons) UK, MA Health Education(USA), 1,000 hr Diploma of Massage Therapy (USA), Certification in Pre and Perinatal Massage Therapy (USA), Certificate of Shiatsu, Certificate of Lymphatic Drainage,  Hypnotherapy Training (USA), Reflexology, Certificate of Pregnancy and Infant Massage (USA) Graduate Diploma of Childbirth Education, (Birth International) Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training (IYTA), Diploma of Dru Yoga, HypnoBirthing instructor, Dancing for Birth Instructor, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certificate – Janice Clarfield, Post Graduate Dru Prenatal Yoga Training.  Diploma of Pre and Post Natal Yoga (IYTA) ,Certified Infant Massage Instructor (IMIS)