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Welcome to Yoga for Birth and Beyond, Canberra!

Active Birth Childbirth Education  and  Pregnancy Yoga classes in Pearce, Woden  and Tuggeranong.

Nurturing and Supportive Mums and Bubs post natal yoga classes in Weston and Downer. 

Baby Massage Classes in Weston

compressed photo for webHi, my name is Julia Willoughby and I have been teaching Prenatal yoga and Mums and Bubs  classes since 1990 in South Canberra. As well as being a yoga teacher (IYTA and Dru) I am an Active Birth Childbirth Educator and am passionate about helping women to feel confident and positive about labour, birth and mothering.

Pregnancy is a time of great change both physically and emotionally and attending yoga classes gives you and your baby time to unwind, relax and adapt to these changes in a safe, supportive environment.

Research has shown that women who have attended Prenatal Yoga classes experience the relief of pregnancy discomforts, cope better in labour and are less likely to use medical pain management. Read some of the amazing  Birth Stories of women who have used their yoga skills to birth their babies.  Some labours, ofcourse, have their challenges making the ability to stay calm and focused even more important for both you and your baby.

The Prenatal Yoga classes include gentle and safe yoga postures, deep relaxation, mindfulness meditation, breathing practices,  preparation for an Active Birth  and the practice of effective yoga based labour skills to equip you with ways to manage pain in labour .  Class discussions encourage friendships with other women and provide empowering information for birth.  You will be provided written information to give you lots of reading material to endorse and expand on what we cover in the classes.  CLICK HERE TO ENROL

The Yoga and Active Birthing Skills workshops are held regularly throughout the year and are packed with ideas for your partner or birth helper to support you in ways that complement what you learn in yoga.  They learn how to be focused, calm as well as to actively support you with  massage and acupressure – both really effective for reducing pain

After your baby is born catch up with friends from Prenatal Yoga and make new ones in the relaxed Mums and Bubs classes (Post Natal). Strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles, relieve tension and tightness in your body, learn some great baby yoga and songs  and join in the discussion group afterwards to share valuable information and mothering skills.  Baby Massage classes are held regularly  CLICK HERE TO ENROL

I look forward to meeting you in these classes and sharing this special time of your life with you and your growing baby or new baby!